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11 April 2009 @ 04:43 pm
but what is love without lust?  
As part of THE WORLD'S policy of preventing me doing anything for longer than 20 minutes, I am in a tearing hurry but I've been meaning to do this for ages and just finished it so-

Chartblog Reviews:

(roughly chronologically, although I'm not actually sure; oldest first)

2007: Androgynous Whores, Marine Biology and Fanfiction
Matt Willis- Crash
The View- The Don
Jamie T- Sheila
Hellogoodbye- Here In Your Arms
Good Charlotte & pals- The River
Maz Manson- Heart Shaped Glasses
Calvin Harris- The Girls
Paramore- Miserygate
Enter Shikari- Johnny Sniper
The Enemy- Had Enough (although actual song reviewed was, err, Away From Here)
Supermal ft. Luciana- Bigger Than Big
Goodbooks- Passchendaele
Lethan Bizzle- Babylon's Burning The Ghetto
Gym Class Heroes- Clothes Off!
Little Man Tate- European Lover
Tokio Hotel- Ready Set Go
Rooney- When Did Your Heart Go Missing
Gallows- In The Belly Of A Shark
Enrique Iglesias- Tired Of Being Sorry
Stereophonics- It Means Nothing
Aly & AJ- Potential Breakup Song
McFly- The Heart Never Lies
Kings Of Leon- Charmer
Linkin Park- Shadow Of The Day
Mika- Relax (Take It Easy)
My Euphonical Romance 2007 (top five of the year)

2008: Desolate wasteland of landfill indie
Muscles- Sweaty
Jennifer Lopez- Hold It, Don't Drop It
Bullet For My Valentine- Scream Aim Fire
Kylie- Wow
The Cribs- I'm A Realist
Taio Cruz ft. Luciana- Come On Girl
Leona Lewis- Better In Time
The Enemy- This Song Is About You
Kate Nash- Merry Happy
Elliot Minor- Parallel Worlds
Clocks- Old Valve Radio
The Hoosiers- Cops and Robbers
Pendulum- Propane Nightmares
Santogold- L.E.S. Artistes
Hot Chip- One Pure Thought
Nelly & Fergie- Party People
Flo Rida & T-Pain- Low (I reviewed the wrong song again so there's a few paragraphs at the end that are mine)
REM- Hollow Man
Little Man Tate- What Your Boyfriend Said
Panic At The Disco- That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)
Ne-Yo- Closer
Sharleen Spiteri- All The Times I Cried
Link Park- Leave Out All The Rest
The Ting Tings- Shut Up And Let Me Go
Kylie Minogue- The One (Freemasons Mix)
The Murky-Wee Music Prize
Cascada- Because The Night
Taio Cruz- She's Like A Star
Mystery Jets- Half In Love With Elizabeth
Lykke Li- Breaking It Up
Royworld- Brakes
Natalia- Perfect Day
Rosie And The Goldbug- Lover
Little Man Tate- Hey Little Sweetie
You Me At Six- Jealous Minds Think Alike
Cage The Elephant- In One Ear
Wiley- Summertime
Bloc Party- Talons
The View- 5 Rebbecca's
Leona Lewis- Forgive Me
The Script- Breakeven
Christian Falk ft. Robyn- Dream On
McFly- Do Ya
Geraldine- Once Upon A Christmas Song
2008's Finest Five

2009: mostly these were just late
Girls Aloud- The Loving Kind
Fall Out Boy- America's Suitehearts
Ida Maria- Oh My God
Innerpartysystem- Don't Stop
Miley Cyrus- Fly On The Wall
Madcon- Liar
The Saturdays- Just Can't Get Enough
T.I. & Justin Timberlake- Dead & Gone
Lady Sovereign- So Human
Art Brut- Alcoholics Unanimous
T2 ft. Michelle- Come Over
Maximo Park- The Kids Are Sick Again

And just because it doesn't really seem to deserve it's own post at the minute, these are things I've written for Thrash Hits:
Isis- Wavering Radiant
Scale The Summit- Carving Desert Canyons
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Niamh Sageniamh_sage on April 11th, 2009 05:59 pm (UTC)
That is a pretty damn respectable list. Wow.
piratemoggy on April 11th, 2009 08:18 pm (UTC)
It seems kind of more and less than I thought there was at the same time. I think I'm definitely missing some but I'm not sure where they are, if I am.